Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sitting In Limbo

On Easter I gave a gift to a stranger that, I believe, made us both happy: she self righteously, me, well...

Two of our children were altar servers at 9 o'clock Mass on Easter morning, so my wife and I went. (I try to go to most of the Masses they serve.) For those who have never been to a Catholic Mass, there are a couple of occasions when the parishioners kneel.

Just as the service was starting, an older woman (70s, maybe) sat next to me. She looked rather severe.

All was fine until the first point during the service when parishioners kneeled. Not being Catholic, I didn't, but remained seated in the pew. She shot me a look.

The second time everyone else kneeled, I again remained seated. She glared at me. She said nothing, but her body language said it all.

I was going to lean over and whisper to her, "I'm Jewish," but I stopped myself. Clearly she was receiving some pleasure by being so disapproving. I was sure she was going to mention my actions (or lack of actions) to someone else later in the day. Who was I to deny her a "tsk, tsk" moment?

When the service ended she gave me one more look before scurrying away. I felt like a heathen. A happy, giving heathen.

I hope she sits next to me the next time I go.

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