Thursday, March 18, 2010

Patience of Job II

I recently had a great job interview, and really hope I'm offered the job, but it won't hold a candle to my favorite job interview of all time.

Years ago I interviewed at an ad agency whose name I can't recall for a copywriting position. I really liked the agency and the creative director who interviewed me, and was hoping he'd call me with an offer.

A few days later he did. Yes! All was right with the world.

He started talking about the things about me that had impressed him, including certain projects. "I really like what you did for (this client) and (that client)," he told me.

Unfortunately, none of the clients he mentioned were mine.

He was a bit bubbly, and took him a couple of minutes to pause for breath. When he did I was honest: "I'm really flattered, but none of the work you mentioned is mine."

"Well who the hell's work is it?" he asked me. I had to plead ignorance. "Who am I trying to hire?" he demanded. Again, I had no idea.

"But if you can't find out who it is, I'd still love to be considered for the position," I told him. He cursed — not at me, I think, but at the situation — and hung up.

He never called back.